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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can access the training materials?

Active members of the UChicago community may access tutorials through UChicago’s license agreement. If you do not have access and feel you should, please visit the IT Services Service Desk.

What are the minimum machine requirements for using

System requirements can be found at: .

What URL do I use to access the training materials?

Do I need to create an account at

No. You need only your UChicago Cnet ID and password to access the tutorials through UChicago’s license agreement.

When you first log into via, you will have the option to add your first name, last name, and e-mail address. This information is optional.

Why would I choose to create a account using my name and e-mail address?

If you wish to receive certificates of completion, you will need to provide your first and last name. If you leave UChicago and wish to access your training history using a new account, you will need to provide an e-mail address.

Note: keeps all personal information confidential.

Do I have to log out of when I am finished viewing the training materials?

Logging out is encouraged. If you forget, you will be logged out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Can I use on mobile devices?

An app is available for iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad, as well as an Android app. You may use a web browser to access on your mobile device, but the service is not optimized for that method.

See for more details.

Can I access my training history?

Yes. You have access to several reports under the My Training menu, including recent activity, your movie history, and your course history.

Can I obtain Certificates of Completion for completed courses?

Yes. When you finish a course by watching every tutorial in the course, you can receive a certificate of completion. You may print the certificate, e-mail it, or embed your certificate in a blog post or web page.

These are the best ways to ensure authenticity of the certificate.